Begin first by taking out the zest of the oranges. This recipe makes 1 8inch cake for which 2 oranges would be needed. Before you slice the oranges or peel them, take the zest out. This is the best and the most natural way to perfume and flavour the cake with a fresh citrus zing. Once the zest is removed, begin peeling and slicing the oranges. I have shown in the video exactly how you would do this. I like to cut thick slices of the oranges so that the maintain their shape as they bake in the oven and not disintegrate! In the cake tin, I also like to place the oranges very close to each other and away from the edge of the cake tin as they will spread across the tin as they bake. Watch the video to know what I mean.


What I love about my eggless vanilla cake recipe and why I literally call it the best recipe ever is because of its flexibility and the ability to customize it. I have used that exact method of making this cake, except I have flavoured it with orange zest instead of vanilla extract and scaled up the quantities to bake beautifully in an 8 inch tin.

I also like to use a lower temperature and bake for a longer duration. It ensures that the bottom doesn’t burn and the cake bakes gently, evenly and makes it incredibly fluffy and flavourful. It takes about 50 – 55 minutes for the cake to bake at 160 C / 325 F.

I like to take the cake out of the oven, let it sit at room temperature for 2 hours. This is why I love using the parchment paper at the bottom as it ensures that nothing sticks to the bottom. This is especially true in the case of eggless upside down orange cake as the orange releases its natural sugars, which as the cool down in the tin will harden and stick to the tin. But using the parchment paper ensures that this doesn’t happen.

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